Micro step up converter MAX 2A.

€ 2,50

Micro step up converter MAX 2A.


Can be easily installed in a variety of small devices.
Use Micro USB input,USB charger or mobile power through the data line,to get 9V,12V,15V,18V,24V
Portable and easy to use.
Ultra wide input and output voltage, high conversion efficiency.


Product size:3cm×1.7cm
Input voltage: 2 v--24v
Max output current: 2A?Recommended for use within 1A?
Max output voltage: > 28 V (recommended for use within 26V)
Efficiency: > 93% (efficiency is related to the differential pressure of input and output).


1) this module is a boost module, the output voltage is greater than the input voltage
2) the peak current output current is no more than 2A