Kristal tester bouwkit

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Kristal tester bouwkit 1Hz---50Mhz.

Circuit characteristics:

Measurable frequency range 1 Hz -50 MHz
Can measure the oscillation frequency of most commonly used crystal;
Five precision resolution (eg 0.0050 kHz, 4.5765 MHz, 11.059 MHz);
Automatic range conversion, without human switching;
Programmable addition and subtraction frequency settings for the measurement of radio transceivers and other equipment;
You can select the power saving mode, if the frequency is not obvious changes within 15 seconds automatically turn off the display;
You can use the universal USB 5V interface power supply, can also use an external DC power supply or 9V battery.
The number of components is small, all straight-line components, installation and commissioning simple.
PCB size: 80 * 53 mm